Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catch up

I've gotta say that the word "blog" is probably in the top 10 coolest words ever invented right up there with ohrwurm (look that bad boy up on wikipedia, ya'll know what I'm taling about). Just sayin'. Anyway, this is Nick here, I figured with Michelle MIA in the blog world I'd let you peeps in on the happenings of Iowa.
So when we last left you, we were working on the house and stuff...turns out that was overrated and we got sick of doing that so not until lately have we started to think about picking up a few more projects. I finished my boards and I've moved on to clinical rotations which kicks the booty out of reading a book all day. After I took boards, we went down to Mexico to my old mission stomping grounds in Veracruz. It brought back some great memories of how I was in leadership almost my entire mission because I was really valued, no big deal. We had some crazy good times doing everything from visiting friends to pyramids to kyaking on a lagoon with monkeys all around us. I'll leave it to Michelle to fill in any pertinent details (ummmm, I think that might be all you get on that).
But let's talk seriously here, as long as I'm blogging I want to talk about our vehicle changes. So, since I started rotations we had to get a 2nd ride so we settled on getting one of the new Scion XBs. It's a pretty fun ride, and the chick digs it. In order to afford getting a new car, we had to sell the old 1965 Vespa that had the sidecar on it...boooo.
I did however, end up selling it to a guy who owns a scooter store, so we made some cash plus we both got our own new Roketa scooters to cruise around town on out of the deal. It's pretty fun now that Michelle got her motorcyle license and we burn rubber up and down the streets of Moines.
Other big news that you gotta know is that Michelle ran her first marathon last week! She did awesome, in fact, I'm pretty sure she beat at least 42 Kenyans. It wasn't all fun and games, apparently it was "painful," pfft. She's just barely able to walk around now so that it doesn't look like a baby is crowning with every step she takes. I'm super proud of her since that has always been a goal of hers, and now she can move onto the next one: building her husband a giant waterslide going from their bedroom down to the hot tub (you gotta admit that would be rad).
As for Soba, well she still eats some of her poo sometimes which is really gross, but it's cool, Michelle brushes her teeth a lot. The neighbor next door got an American Bulldog which has become her best friend, even though one giant swipe of its paw sends soba tumbling.
So, I'm kinda bored here, plenty more to say but no pizzow left in my delivery so I'm going to sign out and let Michelle take over from here.