Wednesday, May 20, 2009

love my mom and i love my pa, but i just love ol' arkansas

we took our sixth trip down to arkansas to hang out with the fam -- jackie, heather and miranda flew out -- so it was the rigby siblings reunion. no battle, next reunion we go to greece and ryan has to be there. have to give a quick shout out to the parentals for putting this together and funding our fun. let's just say there was a lot of laughing.

most of these pics are at the park where i ripped heathers pants (sorry!) and at the cool zoo that has a petting area and a safari drive. random, but cool. there was one part in the safari drive that we were checking out the camels and a camel approached us and nick fed him a cracker and then the camel stuck his head in mirandas window and took a huge bite at our head rest and he's pulling and the car is rocking from him pulling, but the head rest won that battle and came out unscathed with some extra gnashed up food all over it. hilarious.

thanks nathan and carrie for letting us come down and for spoiling us rotten. we owe you.

this post is brought to you by walmart.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day mom and mom

i just have to take a moment to thank the two most incredible women that i get to call mom. i don't know why i was blessed with them in my life, but i am thankful for their love, support, example and mainly friendship.

i was born into the coolest family with so much emphasis on love and family. a lot of that passion comes from my mom. she would do/give anything for my happiness. she is one of my best friends. i love being around her. i hope she knows that she doesn't have to spend money for me to appreciate her. my favorite things about her is her smile, enthusiastic and spontaneous personality, loyal friendship, willingness to do something fun or to just relax, openness to anyone and their ideas, and her killer back tickles. she is beautiful. i am so grateful to her for all the fun things she planned for my family to do and continues to plan for us--i know that all my great relationships with each of my siblings and with my parents is because we had annual family vacations and family parties. my mom is very talented. she is so creative. her parties are fabulous. her home is incredible. i love my moms testimony of the gospel of jesus christ and in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. through her love and example came my own personal love and testimony. as i grow older, i find myself doing things or acting like she does--many times as a kid i would roll my eyes at these things--but now i laugh. i want to grow up like my mom--so there.

i basically married nick because his family was awesome and i wanted in. :) i love my mom monson. i had no idea it was so easy to love and be loved by two people (mike and kris). it has been so natural to think of her as mom. my favorite things about her is her zest for life, runs marathons--therefore i run marathons :), always on the ball and one step ahead of the game, active personality, photography, thoughtfulness (nothing gets past her, i love the phone calls, cards and packages), her food, and raising the most incredible guy. she is beautiful. she is so talented. she has become one of my best friends. i hope that i can become like her and achieve the things that she has.

i love you both so much. thank you, thank you, thank you. i know i haven't been very good at calling--but i want you both to know that you mean so much to me. happy mothers day!

recognize anyone?

this is a website i worked on at work. we hired some extremely attractive models--recognize anyone? this website is for a grocery store here in des moines that has been around forever and hasn't changed much. incredible customer service and business ethics--like you are dealing with a grocer from the 1900's. a difficult design because they have an interesting choice of branding. this website works for them and looks like them. enjoy.

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