Tuesday, July 20, 2010

better website yet lower self esteem

found a website that allows you to move the hair to shape around your face instead of plopping your face in a window. i feel like crap. note to self: take a good picture of you at a time when you got ready for the day--it might look better. ha ha ha. i also like how one of my arms is huge.

oh how the computer knows how to make a girl look good

tomorrow i am getting my hair cut and colored and decided to go online and check out the "virtual makeover" and see what celebrity style would make me look good. this is what i got. my self esteem meter is really high today.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

time is a fly i would like to squash

i can't believe how fast the last two months have gone. i don't have enough time in the day to do all the things that i need to do. zuri is beautiful. i love this little girl so much. i am busy feeding her (i feel like it is hourly) and watching her smile. the evenings are rough--this is the time zuri decides to fuss.

we have been busy finding a house and have found a great deal with a great deal of fixing up. here are photos from the appraiser. i have spent the last couple weeks getting excited and dreaming up what we are going to do to make this house amazing. the house has been rented out for the past few years and as you an see they are not clean. also--check out the original coal fireplace that they have repurposed and using as the furnace right now. we will be removing it and putting a new furnace in, but it is so cool. need to get some good pics before it is gone. our only indoor staircase is a spiral staircase--we will be replacing this one with a nice modern spiral staircase (hopefully).

still missing our des moines lives. missing des moines friends, our house, running trails, art festival...

nick is enjoying his residency. we have met some great people who are interns with nick and their spouses/significant others. i think we have some future friends in the making, but most of them are busy with their doctor schedules (most of the interns have doctor wives).

[pics: zuri during fathers day, nicks graduation, new house pics]