Monday, March 22, 2010

hello cruel world.

"hello cruel world" : this is what i would scream out of windows of moving cars to the pedestrians passing by when i was in high school.

i am screaming it now.

we have been put through a huge upset/surprise/excitement. nick and i thought we most likely had a year left in iowa to get our house ready to sale, put up the house for sale, have a baby, become accustomed to being parents, and prepare our minds for the reality that iowa will not be our home. we have loved living in des moines.

on thursday, the big match happened and we found out that nick got a great residency—family medicine at university of utah. we have to be there by june 14th. (let me remind you all that my due date is may 19th, nick graduates may 29th, we have to sale our house, find a new place to live and then make the move). i am freaking out with how much i need to do for each of these things. guess all this stuff will make it so i don't have time to freak out that i am going to give birth to an estimated 8 lb human (one of my greatest fears).

the last few days, we have been working on our bathroom. we have painted, re-tiled parts of the tub, removed the old vanity/toilet/floor, and have placed the tile in our bathroom. tonight we get to grout and put our toilet back in (hurray! i am so sick of having to go to the grocery store a block away to go to the bathroom).

we have been doing a lot of driving around and i have found myself become very nostalgic. i will miss you downtown des moines. sad we won't get to stroll our kid through the streets during the art festival. will miss the sculpture garden, the blue bridges, ingersoll (especially ingersoll live), our neighbors, our friends, my young womens calling (leaders and girls), hopes of my baby sporting a gross mullet and taking her to the horse races at prairie meadows, bobs/mare/emery/baby, our little house, greys lake, living driving distance from nathan/carrie/caroline/rexy/baby, the midwest (we have been able to take a lot of road trips to see places we have never been), the farmers markets all over town, spring/fall time in des moines, and most of all my running trails.

bring it next few months. i hope you are kind to us.