Wednesday, December 29, 2010

husbands say the darndest things

just got a new do. showing it off to the fam and got a good response. miranda said it was her favorite look on me...nick came in and said, "wow. didn't know i was married to a 70-year-old". devastated.

i think we can all agree that my baby is adorable. dare i say beautiful. beautiful.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

rigby cousins

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cousins, fish, sock monkey and santa

christmas is coming and zuri's getting fat. who would have thought that nick and i could create this cute of a thing. zuri is so much fun. she is constantly squealing, grunting and making new sounds. she is constantly wiggling her arms and legs and putting things in her mouth. she loves to eat the puff treats, drink from a cup, but she doesn't like baby food. she is already starting to do tantrums—when i take something away that she wants she does this high pitch squeal. cute now, but oh boy. in the last 2 days, zuri has started to get up on her knees. she will be crawling soon. she thinks her dad is the funniest guy. she loves to stare at miranda. what else...her hair is starting to fill in. it looks like she may have light brown hair. nick and i both had super blonde hair. interesting.

our house has started to move, since we hired a contractor. we've finalized on our kitchen cabinets, appliances and our hardwood floors. we love our contractor, but english is his second language, therefore nick is the one that communicates what we want, because when i try it gets funny. i had a nightmare that we went into our house to find all the wood things we had discussed with our contractor the previous night was done in ornate italian style carvings. it was intense and horrifying. suddenly nick appears with a huge letter explaining to us that he was going to jail and he needed to collect this money to support his family and that he was sorry. ha ha ha. good thing it was just a dream.

nick, my mom and zuri and i took advantage of the free day of the living aquarium in sandy. we pulled up (after making an illegal u turn with another car in front of a police officer—luckily nick turned into the parking lot the police car was and the other car was pulled over. sad for them. good for us. whew. the aquarium looked super ghetto from outside, but they did a good job inside. loved seeing the big turtle, penguins, sharks, octopus, and touching the stingrays. nick basically forced my mom to come with us, but i am really glad she did because it was a fun memory for us. thanks mom. the photo where i am totally cheesing it, is because my mom kept taking pictures of us and cutting off nicks head again and again.

i love sock monkeys. my mom has spent some good money for me on them and just bought me this awesome sock monkey hat for zuri. she looks adorable in it. i took her to the jazz game and she wore it and when i walked into the court and started walking through the row, the next 5 rows up stopped watching the game and started oohing zuri and talking about her. it was hilarious. people couldn't get enough of her for the rest of the night.

zuri finally met santa. my mom's hairdresser puts on an annual party with santa claus that we were able to go to. rex and rylin came with us and were jumping out of the car to see santa. rexy was a champ and grunted his way through the questions. rylin was up next and put on santa's lap and instantly started screaming and jumped off santa's lap and face-planted into the carpet. it was hilarious. sad, but i don't think that image will ever leave me. ha ha ha. i put zuri on santa's lap and she immediately fell asleep. nice.

nick started a month long rotation in medicine and we will not be seeing him much. he has to do a 30 hour shift starting on christmas day. boo. no worries. we have decided to celebrate our christmas in the middle of january. therefore, you are all welcome to join us. i have always thought christmas should be celebrated in january—the longest and most boring month of the year. just sayin.

well, i am off to wrap some presents and watch "". merry christmas you filthy animal. (name the movie)

oh. i want to give a shout out to my sister jackie. awesome. you made my day today.