Sunday, June 12, 2011

I had some time before church and sat down to watch tv and i chose to watch some talks of the most recent general conference (a biannual church meeting where the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints will address the Church and give messages of guidance, hope, and doctrine). I realized that I haven't shared spiritual thoughts to anyone lately and thought I should write something in my journal/blog.

There have been a lot of thoughts and things in my life the past couple years that have me questioning what I truly believe and if I am missing something—this is good to always be growing and learning and searching—and the great thing that I have found is the small yet powerful feeling I feel—a feeling i feel when I kneel to pray, listen/read the words of our modern day prophets, listen in church, read the scriptures, listen to uplifting music, do some act of service, participate in an uplifting community event, look at some inspiring piece of art, go on a stroll with nick holding hands, hugging zuri...this feeling reminds me of the truth that I know and I know that I am loved by my Father in Heaven and that He gave me this experience to come to earth and gain this opportunity to seek out truth and feel the feelings I feel of, what I can only describe as an ultimate love feeling and positive energy—I know these feelings come from the Holy Ghost and are for me to teach me and testify of truth. I know that my Savior gave His life for me—allowing me to learn in this life and repent and strive to be better. I know that Joseph Smith restored lost truths to this world and reestablished the Church of Jesus Christ. I learn of my Savior, Heavenly Father and their guidance for me through reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I know that I am here on earth to learn of my Heavenly Father and of my Savior, to love and serve others, to learn and grow from mistakes, have faith, be baptized, participate in church, go to the Temple and participate in the ordinances there, and then to continue to learn, love, and serve. I realize how blessed I am to have these feelings and that it is so important to remember why and when I have these feelings and continue to do the things that bring me the feelings of love and peace.

I am grateful for these feelings that remind me of truth and give me peace in this crazy life.