Tuesday, August 24, 2010

baby blessing

zuri was blessed with her cousin (who is only 2 days older) kennedy toone. they were blessed on sunday at the old rock chapel in farmington. nick gave a beautiful blessing--blessing her with love for her family, nature, charity and humanity. there was more to the blessing, but that was something i picked out. :)

we had brunch afterwards at my parents. i wanted a theme for this rendezvous and tried to think of what we could do between zuri and kennedy and what i came up with was clever to some and to others weird. ha ha ha. zuri is the name for the new baby elephant in the slc hogle zoo. kennedy is the name of a democratic president. therefore i thought it fun to have them be the elephant and the donkey of the two major political parties--branding them for life. we sent out a quick invitation i created, had red and blue as the colors, i made an elephant and donkey onesie for the girls, had lots of delicious food and played family fued (since both families were put together). i hope people enjoyed themselves. i know i did.

we are just so thankful for all of our family and friends support. we feel very loved. i love zuri so much and hope that she will grow up knowing that she doesn't have to be a republican :) (i also hope she knows how happy she has made me and how much i love her).