Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new puppy

i got a puppy for my birthday. we miss soba so much, but it has been fun to have a puppy to keep me company. she is a handful, but adorable. we haven't come up with a name, so if anyone has any suggestion, let us know.

she is a puggle, like soba, and i found her on craigslist. a college student has an 8 lb all black pug that got pregnant from a 12 lb beagle. i got to choose between her and her sister. i fell in love the moment i saw them.

i do miss sleep, but she keeps me laughing with her big floppy ears and her belief that she can do all sorts of things and falls all the time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

life is in dreary gray

soba passed away. i miss you so much soba. nothing will be able to replace that part of my heart.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

back in the hospital

was so excited yesterday nursing soba back to health with my mom. think i smiled the whole time—even when i had to hold her to go the bathroom which would get all over my hands. she was really sleepy, but thought it was good for her to rest. my wonderful mom and i went on a beautiful walk on the reilly trail and got back to find soba's eyelids swollen. i got worried and called nick who suggested that i should call the vet. we had to take her in and they examined her and she was showing signs of liver failure. so she is back in the hospital. they did blood work and it is liver failure, so she is back on an iv and she had a plasma transfusion.

she is in serious condition. i am so sad. i need you soba. please get better. pretty please. please keep soba in your prayers.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

soba is home

soba has come home! i have been very blessed. thanks again for everyone's love and support. her surgery went better than expected (said the surgeon) and it didn't cost as much as was estimated. soba had some great doctors. i was very impressed. she is on 3 types of medication—2 of them are painkillers. she has been in a lot of pain.

i am so glad my mom flew out here to help take care of me and her. she has been incredible! thanks mom & dad for helping out with the costs too. wow—really wish we would have bought dog health insurance.

the photos of her are somewhat sad to see with all the bruising and the stitches, but i am so happy that she made it through and that she is home.

chalk the last two days up as good days.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

soba the fighter

yesterday i received a phone call from the emergency pet hospital—thank goodness for microchips—unfortunately there was bad news—soba was hit by a car two nights ago and has suffered serious trauma to her pelvic bone. she was in critical condition up until this morning. soba will be going into surgery in the next couple hours. she has been a fighter.

thank you everyone for your support, your love, your prayers, your phone calls/emails/comments. soba, nick and i have felt a lot of love in this hard time. she is so important to us. for those of you who have had the chance to meet soba, you know what an incredible dog she is with the most incredible personality. she has been such a great companion for us—being so far away from family and going through medical school.

continue to pray for her. the main concern is her nerves in her back leg, her brain function, her pelvic bone and her ability to control her potty parts.

we love you soba.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i am not amused.

life sucks right now. i have run into a lot of bad luck as of late. nick left on sunday for a whole month to do a rotation in harrisburg, pennsylvania. i came home late monday to find a bat in my house—which i tried to get rid of until 3 AM. yesterday (tuesday) made a total 4 hour drive to pick up a new vanity ensemble at menards—got home to find the dog was missing and that the store forgot to put the mirror in the car. have spent the last 10 hours looking for the dog. hello cruel world.