Saturday, February 28, 2009

one week down : three to go

nick left last saturday with three friends to do a rotation in Polokwane, South Africa. he will be there for a full month. i suppose the purpose of this post is to let the universe know that i miss him. nothing like having someone you love gone, to realize how much you need them. i need nick. he is my best friend. i have had a lot of fun this past week--but if i start to think about nick, i feel as if i start to thaw and my heart starts hurting because half of it is missing.

so universe, bring him home safe and without aids.

this month, nick and i will be celebrating four years of marriage. awesome. i don't know if you know this, but i married my dream guy...

i was attending utah state university and walking down the taggart student center with a friend, jill. all the sudden, the crowd parts and this dreamboat starts heading toward us. yes, i had noticed him before. he was beautiful with his own sense of style--impossible to miss. he knew my friend Jill and they talked and i kept walking and thinking "wow, jill knows him. she would know him" [ jill is beautiful ] and then i started to comfort myself telling myself that it was his loss to not know me or want to know me--lets be honest, i knew i didn't have a chance.

a couple days later i was hanging out with my best friend mare and her current boyfriend, wayne wheeler. wayne talked me into going on a blind date with his friend that he thought was "perfect for me". i agreed, but when the date came--i didn't even bother getting ready for the date, because i was not anticipating anything special.

so, i sat and waited for my date on our stairs that was facing our front door that had a window. the door rang and i looked up, and lo and behold my dream boys face was in the window. i freaked out. couldn't believe my eyes--my dream boy was going to be my date. i said a prayer of gratitude and realized that i better live it up, because it was a once in a lifetime night. who knew that it was going to be a dream i would live forever. thanks wayne. thanks mare. fade memory...

four years. wow.

happiest moment: our first day being married. we walked around salt lake city hand in hand and i had never experienced such joy. nick was my husband and we were married in the temple for time and all eternity. i had goosebumps all day.

one of the many funny moments: doing the sister act from "white christmas" together for the ward christmas show.

our song: sleeping at last--hurry

favorite meal to share: cheesecake factory's bacon cheese burger

greatest adventure: last summer we went back to nicks mission, veracruz mexico, with his parents and my dad. incredible.

greatest purchase together: our dog soba--however, i did love our rides in our scooter with a sidecar

greatest project: remodeling our house

greatest feat: lets just say nick and me on a billboard in sunnyvale california

best date: surfing in california followed by a counting crows concert

random job: nick managed a team in california for dish network and i worked the office

scariest moment: driving through sardine canyon at night and we stopped for a girl on the side of the highway. she had jumped out of her boyfriends car and claimed that he was around and carrying a gun.

i love you nick. i could go on with this list and how much i love you, but i will save it for when you get back. plus, i am sure marci is begging me to stop--that is if she even made it past our "greatest feat".

be safe.

Friday, February 13, 2009

freaking out

what are you doing may 31st? i just signed my life away to the minneapolis marathon--less than 15 weeks away.

nothing like signing up for a marathon. i believe they purposefully make the race cost so much to test your dedication right at the start when you sign up--when i pressed the submit form button, i felt my left arm spazzing and my IT bands began to hurt.

so what are you doing may 31st? join me. you are welcome to come and run or come and hang out and we can party before/after in minneapolis, or as my mom calls it--minneanapolis.

do it.