Thursday, June 19, 2008

tough to post

I don't know about you, but I think this whole posting thing is a lot of work. I get so entertained by keeping up with everyone else, that doing my own post is tough--and most of you are hard to compete with. I definitely can't write like my husbands sister, Marci.

There has been so much going on lately. I've been counting down the days until I get Nick back. He takes his boards exam on June 30th. What a trooper for putting in so much study time. (yes, I just said trooper. awes.) I am so grateful for his diligence, but I can't wait to have him back.

So, the floods of '08. Weird to walk downtown (3 miles from our house) and see all these buildings sandbagged with relief trailers around. It was like I was in a disaster, but everything was fine--kind of like being in a movie set. How bad is that?! We were very blessed to not be affected by this. Thanks for everyone that called--worrying about us. One good thing that my mom will be happy about with this situation--I went and bought a couple of cases of water for our food storage. Now we have pudding and water. That should last for a good 2 months.

Are you already bored? I am.

So there was a great guy that came into work wanting to see if we would do some trade work. Awesome. I wish my company didn't already do video--I believe he would have helped us to reach all our dreams.< >< >click here to become a dreamer Serious. Use him if you have the funds. Brooke--I am sending this guy to help you at GMC and he could help Mike with school work. Check out his portfolio.

On a serious note: I found out today that my sister, Heather, is in the hospital in India. She's been having migraines and they have progressed into weird things happening all over. I hope she is 'aight. This picture is of us together in Scottsdale a monthish ago. Not the best pic, but this is me featuring her--hoping she reads this soon and knows that I am thinking about her and hoping she doesn't have to join the lepors for good. (Bad taste? Too soon? Oops.)

Have I lost you? Now all of you will never complain to me to update my blog again. Shout out to my lesbian friend Stephanie--Hey Girl.

I guess I'll close with a nightmare I had this week. I was in the top 10 of American Idol and was "on the deck" for singing--I was freaking out for the fact that I can't sing (terrible) and I didn't have a song prepared. My first instinct was to sing a church hymn. But a girl in my dream approached me and sneeringly said, "You aren't going to sing a spiritual song are you?" Great. Now what? Suddenly I was being summoned to the stage and in sheer desperation, I turned to a band I have listened to since jr high--Counting Crows. The American Idol crew began to count down and when the lights turned to me...I woke up gasping because I was so stressed out. Pretty intense.