Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

be my valentine nick

perhaps the best valentines day gift i have given, was on nick and my first valentines day together, when i made nick a ginourmous milkshake. i basically took a big flower vase of my moms and filled it with deliciousness. wish i had that to give you this year, but our circumstances are different this year, therefore, i am left writing you this blog post.

here goes. see how this tastes on your palate. hope it goes down as smooth.

you are hot. this evening when we were together and i looked over and i thought to myself, "dang he is sexy. i am so lucky" and then i gave you a kiss on the cheek and you did your usual squint because it tickles your face. remember when i use to think that meant you were grossed out by my kisses—only to find out that your face is incredibly sensitive and ticklish. i have loved spending the last 6ish years getting to know you and your ticklish face.

you are fascinating. i covet your brain. you are so smart. the way you connect with people so easily and can make anyone laugh (and somewhat uncomfortable). you are good at anything you try. don't know if you have heard this, but you are really lucky. if you went to a casino...ha ha ha.

i love that you love magic. the first time i sat in your sunday school class in college and you pulled out magic tricks...everyone was so entertained and all the girls were ogling you and if our life was made into a movie, you would have seen the character exclaim to those around "he's with me."

you are romantic. one of the top ten moments: we were living in california doing the whole dish network sales thing and we got back late one night and had to throw in some laundry at the laundry mat. once we had placed the clothes in the dryer we had some time to kill and you took me in your arms and started to sway—best dance ever. i was giddy in love with you that moment.

you are invigorating. the excitement you have for life was the first thing i liked about you. our second date, while we were driving up to the lake to wakeboard, you spoke so optimistically and i had been so inspired me and continue to.

you are going to be an incredible father. the kids we know are in love with you. i don't blame them. you are funny and aren't afraid to play a british princess. i am so excited to be having a baby soon and getting to see you in her. she is going to be adorable because of you.

i love you nick monson. i am so happy you are mine. happy valentines day.

end of random thoughts.