Sunday, June 21, 2009

we all have a hero in our heart

what is a hero? a hero is part human and part supernatural. a hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster...that must be avenged...

oh dwight. great episode.

happy fathers day father o'hera and mon pere--my two biggest heroes with the coolest alias'. i love you both so much. i love that we all got to hang out in mexico together. i miss you both so much. wow. i am feeling the love. :)

my dad has always been my big hero. i loved doing our daddy daughter dates (especially the nerd party that we won best costume. i have a visual of my dad now wearing suspenders that are giving him a wedgie and fake glasses and an expression of trying to see far away...oh how i wish i had that picture to share with all of you). i loved going down to the rock church gym and practicing layups with you before my basketball tryouts. i loved hearing your talks/speeches at church or at a function, especially grandpa rigby's are inspiring and have a way of captivating people when you talk. i love the places you have taken me--you have shown me the world and have given me an appreciation for it as well as a humble attitude for the blessings of the opportunities. i loved italy--what an incredible trip and time with family number one. thank you, thank you, thank you. (and now i am tearing up) i love that you gave nick a pearl when he asked for permission to marry me because i was your pearl. i love that you made and presented the titanic cake at my wedding dinner party. i love your frequent calls with no purpose but to let me know that you love me and that you support me. i love that you call nick too. i love that you came to mexico with us--the trip would not have been the same without you. i love your testimony of jesus christ and your willingness to serve in church callings and give it your all. now that i work full time, i love and appreciate your hard work and discipline as well as humility--you are an incredible businessman. i love you so much dad. you have provided for me the most incredible life and have given me an example that i hope to live up to. i love you so much. thanks father o'hera.

as for superhero monson...i am so lucky to have my father-in-law. je t'aime mon pere. you have the most incredible smile that is so infectious. not to mention your personality--i love how happy you are. i want to be like that. i started thinking of you as my hero way before nick and i got married--your personality, ethics, lifestyle and working at the middle school with everyone telling me how much they loved you...i had to become a fan. i love that you run. i love that you are up for anything and willing to try. i love and appreciate your hard work and willingness to take on a challenge and see the good in adversity (whether the adversity is a person or trial). i love your answering machine greetings. i love your jokes and that nick has your humor. i love hearing nick talk about you. he loves you so much. hands down you are his hero. i loved that before my wedding day i already felt apart of the family because of you. i love that you brought my lingerie to our hotel on our wedding night...ha ha ha. i loved our adventures in mexico. i loved when you guys came out to des moines for thanksgiving and that we experienced black friday. i love how intelligent you are--i am blown away every time we play knowledge based games. i love the funny after midnight mike. i love you. thanks for being so easy to love.

happy fathers day to all the other father-like figures in my life--grandpa tilley, grandpa rigby, grandpa capener, grandpa monson, uncle craig, uncle ron, uncle bruce, uncle gary, uncle david (you felt more like a cousin), all my best friends fathers, uncle bob...ok, this list can go on for a long time...happy fathers day dads. lots of love goin on.