Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring has sprung so sprung has sprang

hurray. spring is here. we have been doing a lot outside now that spring is here. zuri and i frequent liberty park and today she strolled a baby doll to liberty park and when i asked her, "which park do you want to go to? the big park or the little park?", she pulled her baby doll off to the side and leaned over and asked her which one she wanted to go was adorable. i love having a little girl. seriously. i had no idea how great it is.

zuri has learned so much lately, she is a little parrot. i have been trying to teach her the concept of waiting and i put my hand up and say wait to her and today we were reading one of her favorite books ("one naked baby") and suddenly she got up and put her hand up and said "wait" and ran out and turned back and did it one more time and then went and got her drink. she is so stinkin' cute.

zuri's favorite things:
barney the dinosaur : "mommy. show. barney" (when she says "barney" she puts her hand to her mouth and does a bird beak opening and closing hand motion)
BIG trucks
choo choo train
choo choo the big train song : constantly saying, "mommy sing choo choo"
puppy poo
"side" = outside
candy or treats
dresses : she loves to get herself dressed
her cousins
she has started the squealing phase and seems to be pretty impressed with herself

as for nick, he is on some easier rotations but is getting ready for 2 big back-to-back conferences and seems to be a bit stressed over the preparation. he finally shaved off his mustache march and the funny thing is i guess i didn't notice it was gone until two days later. i'm a bad wife. he just celebrated his 31st birthday and for presents he got tandem skydiving in moab and driving the race cars at miller motorsports park...sounds like a pretty good birthday.

i am growing fatter and fatter every day. i hate it. i have 3 months left and starting to teach zuri how to roll me help out in the upcoming months when i become huge. that's fun. trying to get our yard done so that zuri and jenga can go out and play and not come back as dirt monsters. need to start figuring out a list of names for this new one coming up. happy that we chose not to find out the sex of the baby...makes it even more exciting.

last few events we did:

nicks 31st birthday : went to leapin leaners put on by the utah jazz
midway general conference weekend
nba allstar weekend in orlando : cocoa beach : disney world : universal : epcot
heather going to manti temple


some pictures of us hiking in zion national park in november

top of angels landing

up on our deck

nba allstar weekend in florida : cocoa beach

nba allstar weekend in florida : disney world, epcot, and universal

family in front of the manti temple

hanging out with zuri

swiss creek condo in midway, utah

easter sunday : zuri wasn't very good at the egg hunt. pretty content with her first finding of candy