Wednesday, May 23, 2012

happy birthday zuri

hurray! zuri turned two. she was so excited. we celebrated kennedy's birthday on friday and she was totally jealous. for the next 2 days, we got her pumped up that it was "zuri's birthday" and we sang the happy birthday song and showed her the big box that had her present in it. she was so excited. that morning when i woke her up, i sang happy birthday and she immediately said "big present." luckily, i had a small gift and let her open that. she went into the family area and looked at the streamers i had handmade and kept repeating "pretty" and singing happy birthday to herself.

we spent the day together shopping for her big party and when she went down for her nap it was crunch time. with 15 minutes left i decorated her "pink" teddy bear cake, which nick called a creepy zombie that had weird ph issues. funny cause it is true, but we got it all packed up and headed for liberty park.

zuri loved it. jackie and ryan and kids were already there playing at rotary park in the water and zuri stripped down and joined them. we had to pull her away from the water when everyone had arrived and were ready to eat.

nick cooked some mean hot dogs and hamburgers and it was a blast. we really appreciate all the love from family and friends. we ate, played more in the park, all the kids demolished zuri's cake (luckily i made a separate one for the adults), zuri opened up all her adorable gifts and she finally got to open the "big big gift", which was a wiggle scooter, and she freaked out and her cousins caroline and rexy helped show her how to work it...which was adorable. we finished off the party by doing a teddy bear picnic parade (all the kids paraded around to the song with their stuffed animals-we brought nicks old teddy bear for zuri and she fell in love) and played "duck, duck, bear" and then zuri was off to the water while the rest of the kids played red rover.

happy birthday zuri. it was so much fun to see how much she understood and how excited she was that it was her birthday.

the next 3 days we kept celebrating cause her birthday balloons were floating around the house.

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